Power Solutions

Electrical equipment can pose a significant explosive risk in many industrial operating environments. Ensuring safe operations in these areas requires specific construction and installation techniques, along with the rigorous application of a complete suite of standards.

LAYERFIVE offers a comprehensive range of design, installation, inspection, commissioning and documentation services for electrical equipment utilized in hazardous and non-hazardous areas.
We have significant experience in working on both gas and dust hazardous area equipment
associated with fuel oils, fuel gases, coal dusts, milk powder, paint spray booths and chemical processing and storage



Our service areas apply to Power Generation companies (GENCO’s), Power Transmission companies (TISCO’s) and Power distribution companies (DISCO’s). From High Voltage (HV), Operations to Low Voltage (LV) Operation. LAYERFIVE offers the best services be it installation, design and commissioning, cable jointing and terminations, Maintenance, Man-power supply and project management, Fault finding or inspection testing and certification including Motor Control we are always available to give you the best that you deserve.

We offer Tailored engineering power solution using recognized international standards to handle all power / electrical problems from inception to completion to suite both on-shore and offshore locations, be it renewable energy, turbines or power plants.

We design, procure, build, test and commission various power plants and power stations for industrial and residential use in line with the client’s power requirement.

We Design, supply, install test and commission solar systems with quality inverters and with a brand and solar panel of your choice to suite both off-grid and on-grid power requirement.

Power supply and control systems design, procurement/ supply, assembly, installation, integration and commissioning of different capacity and kinds including but not limited to Motor Control Center (MCC), HV, MV and LV power supply and distribution systems, Motor control systems, Variable Frequency Drive (VFD), Harmonic mitigation and elimination systems, e.t.c. Design, supply, assemble, modification and installation for HV panels, MV panels, and LV panels Protection system Design, installation, inspection, testing and commissioning including Earthing, Lightning Protection system (LPS), relay system design Maintenance Operations including Repairs, Materials/ parts selection design, procurement and installations.



Our role is to assist in the effective and safe production of oil and gas for the offshore and on-shore oil, gas, and power industries with our robust innovative methods of operations and superior project and maintenance management skills, through highly trained and disciplined work force poised towards delivering. LAYERFIVE offers well-tailored solution to its diverse client covering the following sections via our well trained competent team that are quality driven:

  • E&I Construction work
  • HV/MV/LV power and distribution system
  • Hazardous area installations
  • Earthing & lightning protection system
  • Instrument installations, testing, calibration and procurements
  • Communication systems
  • Fire detection, Alarm & suppression system
  • Lighting system
  • SCADA systems
  • Design/ constructability reviews
  • Project control and Project Management
  • Project support
  • Testing and commissioning
  • Professional Training (ON/OFF-SITE)
  • Operations and Maintenance service